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HeartWork Photography

No-Fee Accessible Photography / Nature Education

How does one respond when God places upon your heart a way to share outdoor photography with those who may not otherwise be able to attend a regular location photography outing?  Rick and Jeree’ of HeartWork Photography respond by offering knowledge and effective planning.

Do you know of a child with epilepsy who dearly wants to become a nature photographer?  A teen with cancer who dreams of traveling to a beautiful place with a new camera?  Are you an adult who uses a wheelchair or a senior with arthritis?  Are you a Vet / First-Responder with PTSD? HeartWork Photography tailor designs one-on-one or small group accessible location  photography / nature education outings with unique needs in mind.

Rick and Jeree’ Waller have instructed children and people with disabilities, such as those with mild autism/Asperger’s, frail health and special accessibility needs for over 30 combined years.   They are long-time Independent Living Resource Center advocates who recognize individual needs and the best assistive technology arrangements. This awareness along with an exceptional expertise in photography provides empowerment for people with a wide variety of disabilities and their families so they may enjoy  professional level photography / nature education for one or several days.

HeartWork Photography partners with sponsors, families, non-profits and other organizations to offer No-Fee Photography / Nature Education at Yosemite, Tahoe, Nature Preserves and other beautiful locations across the United States and Canada.  It is their “heart work” to help you create a successful educational outing that is enjoyable for all!

HeartWork - Disabled - Wheel Chair - Guidedog - Make-A-Wish Photography Workshops


Partnering with non-profits and families to provide individualized, accessible outdoor photography / nature education outings for youth and adults who have disabilities, illnesses, PTSD, emotional limitations, or who have lost property or loved-ones in wildfires or other natural disasters.


To provide no-fee educational outings at Public Parks and Lands, Ecological Preserves and other nature locations for people of all ages with physical, emotional, mental, age-related limitations, PTSD, or who are over-coming the effects of natural disasters, to enjoy wildlife/nature photography within small and specially-tailored experiences.