Our Culture

Wild Destinations Photography (WDP) shares our nature photography experience with you in unique hands-on Location Photography Workshops in some of the most beautiful and exotic settings that nature has to offer.

We are professional photographers who wish to document and protect this beauty for us and future generations to experience. Therefore, we provide  a responsible stewardship for these protected locations and beautiful wildlife we enjoy at every workshop while providing a safe and respectful environment for our workshops groups to thrive in.

To make sure we do minimal impact on the locations we visit, WDP works with the United States Department of Interior, the National Park Service and the US Forestry Service to obtain all the proper permits to operate legally, safely and protectively . We carry more than the required minimum of insurance. Our Photographers and Instructors are certified in First Aid, in CPR, and the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics program. 


Rick Waller has been a Commercial / Stock / Location Photographer, Web Developer and Media Communications entrepreneur for over 30 years.

He runs his own Creative Services firms focused on Location Photography Workshops, Commercial / Advertising / Architectural Photography, International Stock Photography, Web development and Marketing, and Communications Networking.

His Client list includes: Intel, Adobe, HP, and Grass Valley (Group).

Clint Dickson is a Landscape and Wildlife photographer who started off teaching himself photography on a Kodak camera when he was twelve years old. These days he prefers to shoot with his Canon DSLRs.