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Portfolio Submittal –

Expedition Workshops

In order to maintain a consistent level of photographic proficiency, many EXPEDITION Workshops require a portfolio submission prior to acceptance. This allows us to guarantee that all participating photographers are on a similar proficiency level, and that our instruction can be focused on that specific level.

Your application and deposit will reserve a space in the Workshop of your choice. To be officially accepted into the Workshop, you must submit a portfolio of 10 images relevant to the fundamentals of that Workshop. Images are reviewed by the Workshop staff. If we do not feel that your Workshop choice is appropriate, we will call you and discuss other possibilities. If you choose not to transfer to a suggested alternate workshop, we will refund the deposit, less a $50 processing fee.

After applying for the workshop, submit your images using the following guidelines:

Digital Guidelines

  • Images should be formatted at 96 dpi with the long side dimension at 1000px  and saved as a high quality JPEG


Upon applying for a Workshop requiring a Portfolio submittal, a personal upload page will be created for your Portfolio and login instructions will be e-mailed to you.